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You wish to let out your apartment, but without any hassle.

Tenants have a lot of questions, especially in the first few months. That could be it, but that is not always the case.

What to do if the tenant is late with his payment or, what if he doesn’t pay at all.
What to do if he damages the property? What to do in case of any malfunction or vermin?
And in the worst case, what to do if you get into a dispute with the tenant?

Property management to us means: NO WORRIES.

We document everything: the stat in which the apartment is in, the inventory, meter readings, annual notes, rental agreement, general terms and conditions, etc. and based on that we are the main contact for the tenant as well as the owner.

We make sure everybody follows up on all agreements.

Everything taken care of

Technical Management

Small or huge malfunctions or failures, maintenance, or defect equipment, we make sure that the tenant gets the service form the proper specialist (electrician, white goods mechanic, plumber, central heating mechanic, painter, carpenter, etc.)
Obviously we make sure if the work has been properly and to full satisfaction has been done.

We also take care of the payment of the company that we employed en that it is clear to everybody who is responsible for the costs. The payment of the bill is settled afterwards with the upcoming payment of the next instalment.

No Worries

Financial Management

Timely collect of the rent, settling the usage of gas, water and power with the deposit, drawing up the interim invoice, the final invoice, settling costs for damage to the apartment or inventory.

We make sure that all financial matters are dealt with in time and that all parties are clear informed.

Your Financials In Order


On behalf of the owner we manage the apartment you are renting, but what can you expect from us?

If you run into any kind of problem, like your internet connection, central heating, or malfunctioning equipment, than you can report that to us after which we immediately will call in the help of the proper specialist who will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Each month you pay us the rent, and we control the deposit that you paid. We take care of the financial administration of the rent, the deposit, usage of gas, water and power, etc. At the end of  the rental period we settle all payments and costs and we put the deposit, or the remainder/surplus, back into your bank account.

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